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Cultural Catalyst Crash Course:
Hiring, Firing and Incentives

Hey there, superstar! Jaime Parks here, and I’m thrilled to invite you
to a FREE workshop that’s going to change the game for your business.

DATE: November 28th

TIME: 6:00 Central Time
DURATION: Just 60 minutes (because who has time for fluff?)
Expertise Level: Perfect for both newbies and seasoned pros


• Hiring Strategies
• Empathetic Terminations
• Incentive Genius

Why This Workshop?

+ Sick of HR headaches? I’ve got the remedy!
+ Learn how to create a powerhouse team that drives your empire.
+ Say goodbye to awkward terminations and hello to compassionate farewells.
+ Craft incentive plans that’ll have your team bursting with motivation.

What can you Expect?

+ Expect practical takeaways you can apply TODAY.
+ Dive deep into strategies that’ll supercharge your business.
+ Connect with fellow movers and shakers.

Join me for 60 minutes, and you’ll be armed with the secrets to conquer it all. Don’t let this opportunity pass you by.

Reserve your spot now and get ready to level up your HR game!

Reserve Your Spot

Client Love

“Dr. Jaime Parks has been instrumental in my growth as a leader, particularly in helping me overcome self-doubt and set ambitious goals. Dr. Parks has taught me the importance of not only setting goals, but also developing strategies to achieve them. Through Dr. Parks’ guidance, I have been able to surpass my own expectations in personal, financial, and professional goals. She has helped me recognize the power of self-belief and the detrimental effects of self-criticism. I am grateful for Dr. Jaime Parks’ mentorship and the valuable lessons she has taught me.

– Billie Costa

“Dr. Parks has been an integral part of both my personal and professional growth not only as an audiologist, but as a woman in business. She has been an invaluable asset to me and my success. There’s always something to learn and I can guarantee you’ll want her in your corner!

– Dr. Husby

Jaime has taught me the importance of effective goal setting, and has helped guide me to achieve those goals. I owe so much of my success and self-confidence to her and her unwavering belief in me.

– Dr. Otte