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Past, Present and Future You

In today’s episode we’re talking about jumping into the unknown, saying no to perfectionism, and just doing it. Remember, it’s all about the journey.

In this episode I’m chatting with my younger self, sharing two decades of ups and downs. And guess what? Your younger selves are so proud of you! .

Now, thinking about future Jaime, she’s definitely high-fiving me for starting this podcast, jitters and all. The next 20 years? I’m ready for the adventure, staying true to myself.

No waiting for January to start new things. I’m on it now, prepping for an awesome 2024. And I’ve got a challenge for you all: Join my Facebook group, ‘Scaling Her Empire,’ for a 45-day challenge. We’re stepping into our best selves, no extreme changes, just real progress.

Ready to join? Let’s make the rest of this year amazing. If you’re into this, shout out on Instagram! Let’s rock the rest of 2023

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